Met hul hande in hul hare


Ai, die leerders (meer as 2 500 van hulle) sit met hul hande in hul hare, aldus die facebook group

Amanda Van Der Walt (Hoërskool Kathu) wrote
at 6:35pm on July 22nd, 2008
Meeste ouens lyk net baie beter met langer hare as daai army style gross haircut… Kan skole dit nie begryp nie!!

Morne Coetzee (Hoërskool Waterkloof) wrote
at 3:52pm on June 29th, 2008
we should get a form with all our sigs on and take it to the governmint. us metal people want to grow our hair ffs

Antonio ‘Dork’ Cosentino (Abbotts College) wrote
at 8:49pm on June 12th, 2008
i have had petitions torn up in front of me by my student representative council. trust me dude, i have tried to make an impact. but i hav learned that skwl is a dictatorship, not a democracy. at my skwl, they put u down like a prostitute in court man.
and for the record, my hair is way longer than yours. my fringe alone goes past my mouth. so yeah, enough said.
im just not stupid enuf to bitch and moan about hair issues at skwl anymore, so i dont draw attention to myself.

Gareth Matchett (Paarl Boys’ High School) wrote
at 1:36pm on June 9th, 2008
Threatening to riot is’nt going to solve anything.
You can’t suddenly convince all the people to boycott school. Think about it for a second.
I suggest taking Antonio’s advice and moving to a school where you are free to be who you want to be, for those of you who can’t, just stick it out, we’ve only got a few years left, them we can all grow our hair, pierce our lips and cut ourselves(unless you already are)”sarcasm”
Its not just you emo’s, metal heads and skaters that want to grow your hair, us jocks want it too.

Johann Potgieter (Parel Vallei High School) wrote
at 10:22am on June 7th, 2008
Aaarg!!! I HATE SCHOOL! I have to keep my hair “nice and tidy”! I think thats bullshit! I’m starting my career n acting and modeling so that will help me…. I hope…

Erin Fourie wrote
at 3:30pm on June 6th, 2008
i think hair seperates you from the groups makes you who you are makes you fit the fashion how am i suppose to be in a black metal band with short hair ITS GAY its not hurting anyone its doing nothing wrong just alowing some1 to be who they are and they gave us rights FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION WHAT IF YOUR HAIR EXPRESSES WHO YOU ARE THEN THEY ARE TAKING OUR RIGHTS AWAY THATS ILLEGAL WE DONT WANT TO BE ROBOTS AND ALL LOOK THE SAME i think we should organise i country wide strike LET US GROW OUR HAIR

i wrote a petition on my schools web site to let us grow our hair but they just deleted it and shut it down on the students forum i did nothing wrong no voilence just wanted to express my fashion choice but Paarl Boys Primary is like the nazi group anything different or want to change gets shut down immediatly i think we should all plan a strike country wide

Matthew Gouws (Rand Park High School) wrote
at 7:59pm on June 5th, 2008
i think we should rebel against growing our hair to our own lengths look at the first world country’s they alowed to but y not us ?? and wats with the uniforms ? we all our own personality let us get out of their grip and rebel

Conrad Andrzej Bachman wrote
at 7:17pm on June 5th, 2008
The Teachers are just jealous!!! just look at their hair… Fuck being neat

Jacques Nel wrote
at 5:28pm on June 5th, 2008
How does one be a respectable metalhead and amateur skater with hair that looks like sumthing from the movie little rascals!!!!!

Amber Leigh Davies wrote
at 3:19pm on June 5th, 2008
It is absolutely heartbreaking to see guys with cut hair. really, short hair is so unattractive and you should be allowed to express your own unbelievablely sexy sense of style. fuck ‘neatness’

Morne Maritz (Hoërskool Jan van Riebeeck) wrote
at 1:32pm on June 4th, 2008
EVERYONE!! Gel ur hair back.. All the way.. It looks so gay, im the only one in my school that does it- ppl laught and point at me, do i care? No. Anyway, it works! Especialy for the emo fringes… Mine is all the way down to my bottem lip, the teachers cnt say shit coz it is neat.. So dnt be scared to join the revolution- if we all do it we wnt be looked at as if we’re idiots nd nerds, coz we NOT! Cum on ppl, do it and lemme knw if it also work 4 u guys!!

Brett Conradie wrote
at 1:22pm on June 1st, 2008
Dear Gustave Dude!
In your presentation, please tell me that you mentioned that the length of a persons hair doesn’t affect the academic grade, it just boosts self-confidence… And to me, I’ll only enjoy going to school with self-confidence because of my long hair, but when my hair’s cut, I lose that self-confidence and then I don’t feel like going to school until I look like myself again… It makes sense..

Cameron Kristen Baker (St. Thomas More Catholic College) wrote
at 7:37pm on May 31st, 2008
I fucking hate cutting my hair!!!

Matthew Pugin (Northcliff High School) wrote
at 10:14pm on May 30th, 2008
ah shit havin hair inspection on monday

Mark-Shaun Fowler wrote
at 3:23pm on May 29th, 2008
Kan die bleddie onnies maar net nie my hare uitlos nie!!!

Nicole Smit (Hoërskool President) wrote
at 9:42pm on May 28th, 2008
Okay. . .Umm. . .This may sound kinda dumb, but a lot of people really love their hair. It’s a piece of who they are, it’s a way of showing the world a side of themselves and that’s something people generally miss. . .Take emo’s. Their hair has a lot to do with their style. In other words who they are. Making them cut it is saying they have to fit your description, because you don’t like their ‘look’. Isn’t that unfair? I think it is. I wouldn’t cut my hair for anything! I love it. It’s piece of me. It’s something special. . .

Antonio ‘Dork’ Cosentino (Abbotts College) wrote
at 4:49pm on May 25th, 2008
dudes, seriously
ther is this one teacher who used to be at my school, and he wanted to get rid of the “hair” issue by letting people just grow it freely and hav it how they want…
so wat does the school do, fire the poor bastard.
fucking wrong.

Giö Fernandez (Bergvliet High School) wrote
at 3:55pm on May 20th, 2008
Well, one time we got like 600 people from our school to sign a petition for long hair for guys and our principal just tore it up.

Johan Reynders wrote
at 8:31am on May 20th, 2008
It’s pathetic that boys can’t express themselves similar to girls with a hair style that suits them. This ‘short back and sides’ bullshit is a legacy of the old Apartheid NP regime…It’s got to go! The sad part is that by the time most guys are allowed to grow their hair, they start loosing it. It really pissed me off at school when I was forced to look like Hitler and I get pissed off again when my son who is now 15 and 10 has to cut their hair. Good luck and hope you have success in your efforts, as my generation was too pathetic to make a stand!

Aimée Grace Plank (St. Martin’s School) wrote
at 8:57pm on May 18th, 2008
my school has just come up with a rule thats says our fringes have to be 1 – 2 cm above our eyebrows. what the hell? like they are gonna measure and besides, do they know how stupid some ppl look when their fringes end in the middle of their foreheads.

Herman Visser (Crawford College Pretoria) wrote
at 7:16pm on May 18th, 2008
Cutting your hair for school really seems like a waste of time to me?
i dont understand why they want each kid to look the same?
Guys should be allowed to grow their hair if they keep it neat and girls should be allowed to let it go loose i dont see i problem there, they are still gona wear uniform?
I think the only reason they make kids cut their hair is cause its been like that for-ever and some people, especially old people(no offense) is scared of change or what might happen.

I say they should give it a try.
I can grow my hair as you can tell from my picture and im in Gr10 and my school has great academics and its a brilliant school?

Melissa Church (Principia College) wrote
at 12:12pm on May 15th, 2008
what about girls wearing their hair loose??? or wearing it in a style that we like??

Wade Profe (Bergvliet High School) wrote
at 5:41pm on May 17th, 2008
Long hair rox! any teacher who tells us to cut our hair violating my rights! totalitarian fools!

Liam Ham Summers (Abbotts College) wrote
at 7:37pm on May 11th, 2008
haha i go to abbotts im allowed to have long hair. woop woop.

but im with you in the struggle!
keep it growin boys!

Olivia Burton (Waldorf School Constantia) wrote
at 6:43pm on May 11th, 2008
HAHAHASHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i dont have to tie my hair up and the guys can grow their hair as long as they want wahaha shame for you.. yes i do go to school and its not homeschooling ! lalalalal suck to you

Anthony Warren (Toronto, ON) wrote
at 3:06pm on May 10th, 2008
You can’t cut your hair in your school? Here in Canada their not alowd to do such a things:)

Douw Steyn (Hoërskool Jan van Riebeeck) wrote
at 9:26pm on May 8th, 2008
Ahhh… awe people! I want long hair! Jine! hahah! WTF?!?!?! Ja gus mr muller se gaan na beheerliggaam! As jy dit reg kry om v hammies en al dai mense te oortuig dans jy my hero! Skool is al kla kak ons wil net leer en klaar maak nie sooos freakin idiots lyki! DUshbags! PEACE!

Kenric Potter (Bergvliet High School) wrote
at 7:14pm on May 8th, 2008
teachers can go stuff them selves im sick of them telling me to cut my hair its mine

Chrisjan Bergh (Durbanville High School) wrote
at 6:43pm on May 8th, 2008
sekere privaatskole laat dit toe dat seuns hulle hare lank dra, solank dit net skoon en netjies is! ek stem heeltemal saam met dit! staatskole moet dit ook inbring!

Brynde Jeffes wrote
at 7:33pm on May 7th, 2008
at my old school there was this one teacher my brother had who used to measure and give set dimensions for his hair… omg he used to look like an freak!

Angus Cowie wrote
at 6:18pm on May 7th, 2008
unfortunately for u guys, schools need some sort of discipline…kinda like represents the school when you out on the streets in your uniform…altho I love my long hair, n reddam is pretty leniant bout it…if u rly hav a prob go b a hippy at Cedar or Waldorf ;);)

Gustav Lilienfeld (Hoërskool Jan van Riebeeck) wrote
at 5:07pm on May 7th, 2008
Im not cutting my hair! if they tru 2 cut it ill smack them> with my pimp hand

Peter Chantler (Hoërskool Outeniqua) wrote
at 4:17pm on May 7th, 2008
fok skool ek gan n hippy word

Andre Eksteen (Stellenberg High School) wrote
at 3:40pm on May 7th, 2008
Staat skole is vol diktators!!!

dis hond kak!

Daniel Green (Cedar House School) wrote
at 7:44pm on May 6th, 2008
hahahahah to all of u my hair can be as long as i want…

Andrew Pilcher (Vancouver, BC) wrote
at 9:47pm on April 27th, 2008
i go to school in canada n i can do w.e i want with my hair

Nikolai Niedermeier (Hoërskool D F Malan) wrote
at 3:54pm on April 25th, 2008
Dis sommer kak!! Ek sit nou hier in Duitsland en kyk na al hierdie mense se lang hare! My hare het ook nou lank gegroei en wanneer ek terug in SA is moet ek weer my hare knip? Jy´s sekker lekker mal!

13 responses »

  1. Ek gaan doodeerlik wees…

    Dis absoluut pateties van hulle. Nou moan en kerm hulle op facebook…dit gaan nie help nie.

    Die taalgebruik is absoluut swak en ek kan nie glo dat hull APARTHEID in die situasie ingebring het. Die tienerbrein is absoluut amazing (of net baie onderontwikkeld)

    Jammer maar dis net hoe ek voel. As jou hare gesny moet word…so flippen what?!!! Make the best of your current situation. ‘It makes me lose my self-confidence’ – ‘n pot vol strooi man.

  2. lol

    en wat op aarde dink hulle gaan hulle maak indien hulle dalk weermag toe sou gaan? of hulle hare moet afsny vir ‘n operasie? of ‘n swemkompetisie probeer wen? gaan hulle dit dalk afsny as hulle eendag in ‘n universiteitskoshuis kom?

    min van hierdie kiddies besef dat, terwyl hulle een kant van die saak (soms) krities ondersoek, hulle weer heeltemal onkrities teenoor die ander kant is. die metalheads wat byvoorbeeld dink dit lyk “gay” om met kort hare te headbang, het duidelik nie die vermoë om krities te dink oor die einste metaltribe waaraan hulle dink hulle behoort nie.

    persoonlik dink ek die fout lê by die skool sowel as die idiote in die skool. en dit sluit die leerders in.

  3. Goed gese bertus…afskuwelik is dit nie (wel van toepassing op my maar dis nie nou ter sprake nie…dis in elkgeval nog net ‘n paar maande

    Ek het raad vir al die kinders wat so moan…

    Bou ‘n brug en kom oor jouself…

    Thank you and goodnight *curtsy*

  4. Die kinders kom van ‘n verskeidenheid skole. Hulle kla oor dieselfde grondwetlike reg wat hulle ontneem word: menswaardigheid.

    Luister na hulle klagtes; kyk verby hulle kreatiewe spelling. Hoor hulle internasionale hulproep.

    Vantevore het ons aanvaar kinders mag geslaan word met ‘n lat in skole. Niemand het dit bevraagteken nie; selfs liberale mense het gesê dis goed.

    Leerders is leerlinge genoem.

    Dis moeilik vir ons om afstand te doen van ‘n skolesisteem wat vir ons gewerk het, want “dit was mos goed”.

    Hoekom mag hare nie oor ore krul nie?

    En in ‘n samelewing waarin ons juis kritiese denkers wil oplei, sê ons “nee” vir ‘n begeleide gesprek… vir onderhandelinge… vir ‘n herwaardering van reëls.

    Ongeag of onderwysers die gesprek begelei of nie, word die gesprek steeds gevoer. En die jeug sweep mekaar op. Ongenuanseerd. Kwaad. Verontreg.

    Maar janee, “kinders moet gesien word, nie gehoor word nie”.

    * * *

    @aventer: die verwysing na “the old Apartheid NP regime” kom van ‘n ouer af, nie ‘n tiener nie: “It really pissed me off at school when I was forced to look like Hitler and I get pissed off again when my son who is now 15 and 10 has to cut their hair. Good luck and hope you have success in your efforts, as my generation was too pathetic to make a stand!”

  5. We bein’ opressed by big evil whitey. Dey tryin’ to keep us playas down. Lang hare ftw

    En 2 seuns in my klas was vandag nog forseer om hulle hare in skooltyd te laat sny. Hulle lyk kak. Ons sal by ons comrades staan, so violent revolution it is. The army motherfucker, the army.

  6. Kort hare maak heeltemal sin ingeval ‘n zombie uhuru uitbreek. Hoe korter jou hare, hoe kleiner die kans dat jy gegryp kan word.

    Ter interessantheid: die rede vir kort hare is militaristies, dis sodat jou vyand jou nie kan gryp, jou kop terug kan trek en jou nek oop kan sny nie. Maak vir my heeltemal sin.

  7. Die reels is blerriewil belaglik. Ek kan uniforms nog tot ‘n mate verstaan – dit maak geen inbreuk op jou reg om te lyk soos jy wil lyk wanneer jy nie by die skool is nie, maar deur jou hare se lengte te bepaal maak hulle inbreuk op jou persoonlike lewe.

    Wat van tatoeermerke? Ek neem aan dat dit nie toegelaat sal word nie. Aan die ander kant – wat kan hulle doen as jy een het?

  8. Ons SA kinders moet bietjie “by” kom in die lewe! Hier in die Britse skole is hulle streng, kinders se hare MOET netjies wees, in sommige skole, soos my seuntjie s’n, MOET dit gesny sodat hy nie die kraag raak nie. Geen kaalkoppe word toegelaat nie…in sommige skole (lw…enkeles alleenlik) word hulle wel toegelaat om hare langer te dra, maar dan is die gedrag UITERS swak in daardie skole. Dus, dissipline/netheid gaan tog gepaard, dan nie? ‘n Slonserige persoon is ook slonserig op sy werk! Laat hulle weet hulle moet bietjie groot word! Ai (sug!)

  9. Look at the following;

    South African Schools Act 84 of 1996
    G.N. 776 of 1998 published in Government Gazette No. 18900 dated 15 May 1998
    A CODE

    Look at Point:

    4.5.1 Freedom of expression is more than freedom of speech.
    The freedom of expression includes the right to seek, hear, read and wear.
    The freedom of expression is extended to forms of
    outward expression as seen in clothing selection and hairstyles.

    The Schools Act states that you can express yourself by chosing your own hairstyle.

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