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Om die vuur van belangstelling aan te vlam


Ek is ‘n week of drie gelede gevra om my klasgee-filosofie te verwoord.  Hierso is dit (in my mooiste Engels):


Personal teaching philosophy

I teach, because it is fun for me to do so. I enjoy facilitating discussion and seeing people grow in the complexities of and naunces in their thinking. It is a way for me to serve, maintain hope and create meaning through the work I do.

Teaching to me is more than the mere transferral of content matter; it is a critical engagement with knowledge and the community (and landscapes) of practice within which it is constructed and shared – and at its heart is a reciprocal, trusting relationship with those you teach and with those from whom you learn.

Apart from teaching the curriculum, it is important for me to develop students’ creative and critical reasoning skills, for them to challenge the status quo – and to keep their inherent interest and curiosity alive: “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel” (Socrates).

I recognise the responsibility of being a teacher and vow to practise my profession in an ethical manner. I believe in the scholarship of teaching and learning – in reflecting and improving on the strategies I employ to facilitate learning, and remaining active in the research field, as a lifelong learner.

I subscribe to constructivist and connectivist learning theories and believe in blended learning, catering for personal differences of students in terms of their diverse backgrounds, personal experiences, multiple intelligences and preferred learning styles.

I want to challenge and surprise (even frustrate) the students I teach; make them feel and think; inspire them to act; make them laugh, and be confident.

Sharing in their lives, their thoughts and fears, joys and sorrows is my reward.

As teaching remains a challenge I will be open to criticism and welcome new ideas.


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